Quality Control (QC) is a feature that allows you to verify your output when processing of the media is complete. Unlike commercial solutions,'s QC solution processes directly on the outputting instances, and does not require separate licensing or infrastructure. This greatly decreases the time between asset production and verification for compliance.

To use the QC option, you need to add a<qc /> parameter to the API request.
There are four ways to use it:

  1. Auto. To run automatically configured tests you need to set the <qc /> parameter to auto.
  2. If you want to run automatic QC tests on all media (if it's available) we can add this option to your account. Just contact us!
  3. Manually configure set of tests by adding <qc_* /> parameters as a child of the <qc /> parameter.
  4. Add media with your own .mp4, .mpd or .m3u8 file and set qc_check output format.



Auto QC mode will be ignored if you manually configure tests in the request.

To get notifications about how QC process is going you can:



The QC service is charged on output GB only at your account's configured per GB rate.

For now QC features are available for advanced_hls, advanced_dash, advanced_fmp4, fmp4_hls, and mp4 output formats only!


QC Media

QC will be processed in separate media. You will receive the ID of this media in the GetStatus response, or you can find this media in UI.

For the GetQCStatus request, you should use the ID of QC-media.