Stream Parameters

If no streams are specified, 9 default streams will be created for advanced_hls and 9 default streams will be created for advanced_dash/advanced_mss. The maximum number of available streams is 15

Acceptable parameters from:
Video Settings
Audio Settings
Other Format Options
Video Rotation
Video Overlays
Audio Overlays
Text Overlays
Burn-in Timecode Options
Closed Captions

ParameterDescriptionAllowed ValuesDefault Value
still_imageSpecify how to embed a still image in an audio only, each_segment, first_segmentno
still_image_timeSpecify the time from the beginning of the video to capture a still image.Non-negative number greater than 0.01 or
still_image_sizeSpecify the size of the still image.WxH where W and H — positive integers.none
byte_rangeEnable byte-range playlist – do not split mpeg-ts file into segments.yes, nono
add_iframe_streamAdd i-frame playlist for this stream (allowed only for video).yes, nono
audio_onlyEnable the creation of audio only segments.yes, nono
video_onlyEnable the creation of video only segments.yes, nono
group_idSpecify an alternate group id based on the current stream.Stringnone
use_group_idSpecify a group id list to use as alternate for current stream.Comma separated group_id list.none
base_nameSpecify the customer stream result filename.Valid filename.none
playlist_versionSpecify the version of the m3u8 playlist.Integer(EXT-X-VERSION)none
sub_pathSpecify the stream manifest and media file location.Valid URL.none
media_pathSpecify the media file location path relative to the sub_path.Valid URL.none
add_to_manifestAdd to one or several main manifests. If not value is specified it will be added to all main manifests.Comma separated list of manifests.none
use_alternate_idAdd one or several alternate sources. If no value is specified all alternate sources will be added to the stream.Integer number. Should be less than <alternate_source /> parameter count.none
timescaleSpecify the fmp4 timescale.Non-negative integer.none
stream_titleHLS EXTINF tag's title attributeStringnone
pack_audio_to_mpegtsPack audio only stream to MPEG-TS containeryes, nono
track_typeUsed to map stream and keys from CPIX response. Value should match with cpix:ContentKeyUsageRule@intendedTrackType. If it's value doesn't match with any ContentKeyUsageRule first key from CPIX response will be used.
In dash manifest Representations will be grouped to different AdaptationSets by track_type.
hdcp_levelHDCP-LEVEL attribute for HLS EXT-X-STREAM-INF tag in master – to not add tag
align_audio_segments_to_framerateAlign audio segment count to framerate value. If it's value same as video framerate value audio and video manifests will have equal segments count.Valid framerate stringnone
additional_alternate_idList of additional alternate source ids to be added to HLS Media group.Array of integer numbersnone
get_from_manifestUse data from external manifestyes, nono
reorder_audio_packetsMake audio packets reorder the way that in TS segment, the smallest audio PTS of a segment is greater than or equal to the smallest video PTS of the segmentyes, nono
scaler_libScaler librarydefault, zscaledefault
segment_extensionSegment file's extensionstring (max length: 4 characters)m4s
init_extensionInitialization file's extensionstring (max length: 4 characters)mp4
init_sub_pathInitialization file's relative pathValid pathnone
init_base_nameInitialization file's nameValid filename (without extension)none


For byte_range parameter

The <byte_range /> is available for advanced_hls and fmp4_hls outputs only.


For add_iframe_stream parameter

The <add_iframe_stream /> available only for advanced_hls and advanced_fmp4 output formats.


For media_path parameter

The <media_path /> feature available only for advanced_dash and advanced_mss output.


For use_alternate_id parameter

Each alternate source must be added via a separate **<use_alternate_id /> parameter.


For timescale parameter

The feature available only for advanced_dash, fmp4_hls, advanced_fmp4, advanced_mss output formats.


For stream_title parameter

The <stream_title /> feature available only for advanced_hls and fmp4_hls output formats.


For pack_audio_to_mpegts parameter

The <pack_audio_to_mpegts /> feature available only for advanced_hls output format.


For align_audio_segments_to_framerate

The <align_audio_segments_to_framerate /> is only available for advanced_hls, advanced_dash, and advanced_fmp4 output formats.

The <align_audio_segments_to_framerate /> only appliable if <audio_only /> set to yes in the block.

For advanced_hls output format media should have <multijob_workflow /> set to yes, or <pack_audio_to_mpegts  /> set to yes.


For additional_alternate_id

The <additional_alternate_id /> parameter is only available for advanced_hls, fmp4_hls, and HLS manifests of advanced_fmp4** output formats.


For get_from_manifest

The <get_from_manifest /> parameter available only if manifest are specified.


For reorder_audio_packets

The <reorder_audio_packets /> feature is available only for advanced_hls output format.


For sub_path parameter

These characters will be filtered out: "\", "`", "№", "$", "#", "?"