Action List

Below is a list of call actions that can be submitted in an API request.

AddMedia Create a new Media ID, which can include one or more new source assets. Place the job request on a user's queue, ready to be processed based on the API request given as format parameters.
AddMediaBenchmark Create a new Media ID as above, including (if necessary) importing referenced source media. Sets a flag in the request to not immediately process any jobs after ingestion. Output formats can be specified as well. If a NotifyURL is defined, a notification will be sent when the media is ready for processing.

The media status will be 'Ready to process' only when at least one field is specified. Otherwise, you can retrieve source media information using the GetMediaInfo action.
UpdateMedia Replace information about an existing media's desired formats. All old format items will be deleted and the new ones will be added. May modify jobs running on a Media in flight.
ProcessMedia Start jobs to process previously downloaded media (media that has been added with the AddMediaBenchmark action).
CancelMedia Delete specified Media and all its jobs in the queue.
GetMediaList Returns a list of the user's media currently in the queue.
GetStatus Returns information about a selected user's media and all its jobs in the queue.
GetMediaInfo Returns video parameters of the specified media when available, similar to the mediainfo library and binary.
GetMediaInfoEx Returns extended video parameters of the specified media when available.
RestartMedia Completely re-run an existing job.
RestartMediaErrors Re-run an existing job, but only retry tasks that have ended not completed due to an error.
RestartMediaTask Only restart the specified task for an output. You must include the when making this request.
StopMedia Stops the specified mediaID from downloading/processing/uploading. If one or more outputs have completed, the mediaID will be complete. Otherwise it will be stopped.
GetQueueTimeGet the queue time statistics for jobs actively in the queue.
GetQueueStatsGet all queue statistics for a specified date range.
GetReservedInfoGet reserved instances usage information.
SetHostKeyAdds the SSH RSA key for output destination host.
GetQCStatusGet the status of quality control tests.
StopLiveStop a live transcoding process.
AddStreamEndpointCreate a live streaming endpoint.
GetStreamEndpointListRetrieve existing live streaming endpoints list.
DeleteStreamEndpointDelete a live streaming endpoint.