Options to produce High Dynamic Range video.

The Encoding.com API already supports two of the three primary formats of high dynamic range (HDR) video:

  • HDR10 allows content producers to define a static set of master display parameters, as well as minimum and maximum luminance. CLL and FALL metadata are also utilized.
  • Dolby Vision allows colorists and producers to create dynamic lighting metadata throughout a feature, permitting tight control over the backlighting of a display so dark scenes maximize contrast without bleed-through, and still allow for intense brightness when needed for a scene. Encoding.com supports profile 5 single layer with Dolby Vision only support as well as profile 8.1 single layer with Dolby Vision and HDR10 fallback compatibility.
  • HLG Hybrid Log-Gamma is a backwards-compatible high dynamic range standard.

The third format, HDR10+, is an expansion of HDR10 that also permits dynamic lighting changes throughout an asset. It's in active development on our platform. If you'd like to work with HDR10+ content today, please contact us for early access to this format!