End Point

This is where Encoding.com API requests are sent.


To send API requests to Encoding.com, please send HTTPS POST requests to:




All client requests and server responses use the XML or JSON format. Clients must send the HTTPS POST request with a single parameter named xml (or json for JSON request). The server response will be a normal XML document or JSON string, matching the type of document used in the request. Please urlencode any special characters in source or destination url paths discretely (S3 secrets tend to be the case this is needed most often), and then url encode the entire XML request using content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded. Note that this could result in source and destination urls being url encoded twice, which is the proper format of submissions to the API for reasons of backwards compatibility..

Support for non-TLS HTTP requests are deprecated and will be removed in a future platform update.