Image Playlist Parameters

The Image Playlist specification, developed by Disney and Warner Media, defines a format using compressed graphic image files for HLS and DASH that provides a sparse track of video frames for a client to use during trick-play and seek operations. This alternative format uses image files that have been compressed (usually via commonly-employed encoding schemes, e.g., JPEG). The HLS EXT-X-IMAGE-STREAM-INF tag identifies an Image Media Playlist file containing Images in a compressed graphic image format. It stands alone, in that it does not apply to a particular URI in the Master Playlist. Read more in the specification.



Image Playlist Parameters feature doesn't work with advanced_mss output format.

ParameterDescriptionAllowed ValuesDefalt Value
Specify the time interval between images in seconds or percentage of time passed.N – Positive float number greater than 0.0111
widthSpecify the image width.Non-negative integer.160
heightSpecify the image height.Non-negative integer.none
max_columnsSpecify the number of columns per tile.Non-negative integer.none
max_rowsSpecify the number of rows per tile.Non-negative integer.none
sizeSpecify the image width and height.Pair of image width and height divided by ‘x’.none
layoutSpecify the playlist rows and columns layout.Rows and Columns number divided by ‘x’.none
sub_pathDirectory where images would be uploaded.
Relative to output destination.
basenameImage name prefixStringnone
no_ext_x_tilesDon't include #EXT-X-TILES tag to the output stream's image playlistyes, nono
segment_timelineTurns on segment timelines for thumbnails description in a DASH manifest.
Thumbnails will be processed for each ad break interval separately, if they are set.
yes, nono
timescaleSet timescale for DASH VTT thumbnails.Positive integer, usually 1000none
add_to_manifestList of manifests names to include specified image media playlist.
By default image media playlist will be added to all manifests.
Comma separated stringsnone
break_pointsDefine which ad breaks elements is used to split image listdefault – split on both ad_break and cue_insert
adbreaks – split on ad_break only
offsetSets first thumbnail offsetauto – we will calcualte offset as half of the specified <interval /> value
•integer number – frame offset in seconds
get_from_manifestUse data from external manifestyes, nono


For size parameter

<size /> parameter overwrites <width /> and <height /> parameters.


For layout parameter

<layout /> parameter overwrites <max_columns /> and <max_rows /> parameters.


For no_ext_x_tiles

<no_ext_x_tiles /> parameter only available for advanced_hls, fmp4_hls, and HLS manifests of advanced_fmp4 output formats.


For segment_timeline

<segment_timeline /> parameter only available for advanced_dash and DASH manifests of advanced_fmp4 output formats.


For timescale

<timescale /> parameter only available for advanced_dash and DASH manifests of advanced_fmp4 output formats.


For break_points

The <break_points /> applieable only if <segment_timeline /> set to yes.


For get_from_manifest

The <get_from_manifest /> parameter available only if manifest <sources /> are specified.


For sub_path parameter

These characters will be filtered out: "\", "`", "№", "$", "#", "?"