KeyOS for PlayReady DRM's platform can create PlayReady encrypted outputs registered through BuyDRM's KeyOS platform. This is only available for Microsoft Smooth Streaming outputs. More info can be found here.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <userid>[UserID]</userid> <!-- required-->
    <userkey>[UserKey]</userkey> <!-- required-->
    <action>[Action]</action> <!-- required-->
        <playready-apikey>[KeyOS api key]</playready-apikey>
        <playready-profileid>[KeyOS profile id]</playready-profileid>
        <playready-templateid>[KeyOS template id]</playready-templateid>
    "query": {
        "userid": "[UserID]",
        "userkey": "[UserKey]",
        "action": "[Action]",
        "format": {
            "playready": "yes",
            "playready-apikey": "[KeyOS api key]",
            "playready-profileid": "[KeyOS profile id]",
            "playready-templateid": "[KeyOS template id]"
ParameterDescriptionAllowed ValuesDefault Value
playreadyEnable PlayReady DRM.yes, nono
playready-apikeySpecify the PlayReady API Key.StringNone
playready-profileidSpecify the PlayReady profile ID.StringNone
playready-templateidSpecify the PlayReady template ID.StringNone