Notify_upload Response Format

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <!-- <output_params /> section will be included if you set <notify_upload_extended /> param to 'yes' -->
    "result": {
        "mediaid": "[MediaID]",
        "taskid": "[TaskID]",
        "destination": "[DestinationLink]",
        "status": "[DestinationStatus]",
        "output_params": {
            "format": "[FormatName]",
            "bitrate": "[Bitrate]",
            "duration": "[Duration]",
            "audio_bitrate": "[AudioBitrate]",
            "audio_codec": "[AudioCodec]",
            "audio_duration": "[AudioDuration]",
            "audio_sample_rate": "[SampleRate]",
            "audio_channels": "[AudioChannels]",
            "video_bitrate": "[VideoBitrate]",
            "video_codec": "[CodecName]",
            "video_duration": "[VideoDuration]",
            "size": "[FrameSize]",
            "display_aspect_ratio": "[AspectRatio]",
            "frame_rate": "[VideoFrameRate]",
            "filesize": "[FileSize]"
mediaID A unique identifier assigned to each new media.
TaskID A unique identifier assigned to each output for a given mediaID.
DestinationLink A link to the destination where the output was uploaded.
DestinationStatus Status of uploading a given output.
OutputParams If you set <notify_upload_extended /> param to ‘yes’, the output parameters below will be included in your response.

format — output format name
bitrate — output file overall bitrate
duration — output file overall duration
audio_bitrate — output file audio bitrate
audio_codec — output file audio codec name
audio_duration — output file audio duration
audio_sample_rate — output file audio sample rate
audio_channels — output file audio channels
video_bitrate — output file video bitrate
video_codec — output file video codec name
video_duration — output file video duration
size — output file video frame size
display_aspect_ratio — output file video aspect ratio
frame_rate — output file video frame size
filesize — output file size in bytes