FlashAccess DRM

Support for Adobe Access DRM is limited to flv, mp4, and hds output formats. Additional info can be found here.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <userid><<id>></userid> <!-- required-->
    <userkey><<key>></userkey> <!-- required-->
    <action>[Action]</action> <!-- required-->
        <drm-license-server-url>[License server url]</drm-license-server-url>
        <drm-content-id>[Content ID]</drm-content-id>
        <drm-common-key>[Key file url]</drm-common-key>
        <drm-license-server-cert>[Certificate file url]</drm-license-server-cert>
        <drm-transport-cert>[Certificate file url]</drm-transport-cert>
        <drm-packager-credential>[Credential file url]</drm-packager-credential>
        <drm-policy-file>[Policy file url]</drm-policy-file>
    "query": {
        "userid": "<<id>>",
        "userkey": "<<key>>",
        "action": "[Action]",
        "format": {
            "drm": "yes",
            "drm-license-server-url": "[License server url]",
            "drm-content-id": "[Content ID]",
            "drm-common-key": "[Key file url]",
            "drm-license-server-cert": "[Certificate file url]",
            "drm-transport-cert": "[Certificate file url]",
            "drm-packager-credential": "[Credential file url]",
            "drm-credential-pwd": "[Password]",
            "drm-policy-file": "[Policy file url]"
ParameterDescriptionAllowed ValuesDefault Values
drm Enable Adobe DRM.yes, nono
drm-license-server-url Specify the url for the DRM license server.Valid URLNone
drm-content-id Specify the DRM content ID.StringNone
drm-common-key Specify the URL for the DRM content key.Valid URLNone
drm-license-server-certSpecify the URL for the DRM license server certificate.Valid URLNone
drm-transport-cert Specify the URL for the DRM transport certificate.Valid URLNone
drm-packager-credential Specify the URL for the DRM packager credentials.Valid URLNone
drm-credential-pwd Specify the DRM password.StringNone
drm-policy-file Specify the URL for the DRM policy file.Valid URLNone