Atlas DRM has integrated with the Atlas DRM KMS from IStreamPlanet which supports supports all industry standard DRM technologies, including Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady, Adobe Primetime, and Google Widevine. Integration with player applications is straightforward, using well documented SDKs from the industry standard DRM technologies.

Atlas DRM uses standard security foundations such as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), along with the Sample-AES packaging standards. Atlas DRM is compatible with the following advanced multi-bitrate outputs: advanced_hls, fmp4_hls, advanced_dash, advanced_mss, advanced_fmp4.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <userid>[UserID]</userid> <!-- required-->
    <userkey>[UserKey]</userkey> <!-- required-->
    <action>[Action]</action> <!-- required-->
        <!-- <atlas_widevine_drm /> and  <atlas_playready_drm /> services not available for advanced_hls and fmp4_hls output formats -->

    "query": {
        "userid": "[UserID]",
        "userkey": "[UserKey]",
        "action": "[Action]",
        "format": {
            "output": "[advanced_hls|fmp4_hls|advanced_dash|advanced_mss|advanced_fmp4]",
            "atlas_drm": "yes",
            "atlas_company_id": "[AtlasCompanyID]",
            "atlas_asset_id": "[AtlasAssetID]",
            "atlas_widevine_drm": "[yes|no]",
            "atlas_playready_drm": "[yes|no]",
            "atlas_env": "[live|stage]"
ParameterDescriptionAllowed ValuesDefault Value
atlas_drmEnable Atlas DRM.yes, nono
atlas_company_idSpecify the Atlas DRM company ID.Valid company IDNone
atlas_asset_idSpecify the Atlas DRM asset ID.Valid Asset IDNone
atlas_widevine_drmEnable Atlas Widevine DRM.yes, nono
atlas_envSpecify the Atlas DRM, stagelive
atlas_playready_drmEnable Atlas PlayReady DRM.yes, nono


For atlas_widevine_drm and atlas_playready_drm parameters

<atlas_widevine_drm /> and <atlas_playready_drm /> services not available for advanced_hls and fmp4_hls output formats.