Encoding.com Secure Workflow Overview

The Encoding.com media processing API is designed to allow content owners to dictate the security and access control of their media content. Our deep integrations with commercial cloud storage providers expose a wide range of security and access control features to provide secure encrypted end-to-end workflow throughout content ingestion, processing, and delivery. With appropriate options defined in your job request, encryption of assets in transit and at rest are assured, and it's possible to operate workloads with no source assets needing to reside on Encoding.com's storage.

  • Job API calls and notifications sent with industry standard TLS encryption.
  • Content "Never at Rest" architecture enabling processing directly from source locations without the need to copy source to local instance storage.
  • Ingest and egress support for S3 pre-signed content URL with configurable duration
  • Ingestion support for encrypted source assets.
  • S3 integration support includes S3 bucket or user policies and ACL permissions to securely grant access to content with either a AWS Key/Secret or a Canonical ID.
  • Media processing & temporary storage completed without content leaving MPAA-aligned datacenters.
  • Accelerated and encrypted ingestion and delivery supported with Aspera FASP technology.
  • Callbacks and notifications sent from a static set of source addresses.