Templates Management


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When creating a template, you’ll need to be aware of some concepts which are used consistently throughout the product:

Add Next Test – This allows you to add multiples of the same test, to test multiple audio tracks simultaneously. If a test is added that references an audio track that does not exist, then an alert will be raised for that test.

Test Whole File – This will test the entirety of the file for the artifact in question. You can specify how many seconds/frames are allowed, and if this is exceeded, an alert will be raised.

Layout – This gives you extra flexibility in terms of finding artifacts at specific points in the file.

For example, you may require that a file has 10s of black at the beginning and 30s of black at the end. You can
add 2 Layouts – the first of which tests a fixed duration, starting at 0 and ending at 10, and specifying this “Must
Be Black”. Add a second Layout to “Test End Of File” and choose to “Test Last” 30s “With Duration” 30s, and
“Must Be Black”. Any deviation from these parameters in the inspected file will raise an alert.

Treat Missing Media As - The user can set the alert level when missing media is detected to info, warning, or error.

Aggregate Alerts - The option to aggregate job alerts has been consolidated from “Aggregate Warning Limits” and “Aggregate Error Limits”, to “Aggregate Alerts”. This function now encompasses the aggregation limit of all alerts, regardless of whether they are reported as info, warnings, or errors. If the value of “Aggregate Alerts” is left blank or set to 0 then no aggregation of alerts will take place.