Install Application



Manual application setup

We're highly recommend to install application from the Okta Integration Network but in some cases it's possible to manually create your own SAML application and configure it by yourself. Please reach out our Support Team to provide you help with it.

Step 1.

Go to your Okta Application Administration dashboard. Note, that you must have application administration rights.

Next, add a new application and search for "" integration.

Next, click on the "Add Integration" button and then customize your App installation.

Step 2.

Assign users from your Directory to the installed App, or assign one of the groups.



The user's username in Okta organization must be the same as in

Ping Identity


Pre-registered application

For now it's only available to manually install SAML application for Ping Identity provider.

Step 1.

Go to your Ping Identity Application Administration page in the Connections section. Note, that you must have application administration rights.

Next click on the "Plus" button next to the Applications header.

In the opened dialog please fill these fields:

Next click on the "Configure" button.

In the new dialog set "Provide Application Metadata" parameter to the "Manually Enter" and enter these values for required fields:

And finally click on the "Save" button

Step 2.

Next you need to set up attributes mapping.

Switch to the "Attribute Mappings" tab in the opened application details and click on the "Edit" button

In the opened form click on the "Add +" button and add email mapping. It's required for successful authentication.

  • "email" -> "Email Address"

Step 3.

Now you can assign users to the application.

Switch to the "Access" tab in the application details dialog and click on the "Edit" button

In the opened dialog select group of users to assign it to the application. Note, that this group on screenshot isn't bundled with application and was created separately.