Enable the Encoding.com 2-Factor Authentication

Step 1.

Log into your Encoding.com User Interface as you normally would.


Step 2.

Go to the “My Account” tab within the User interface.


Step 3.

Under the “Account Info” heading you will see a section for “2-Factor Authentication”. It should be disabled.


To enable it just click the toggle.
You will be prompted to use your Google Authenticator Application on your mobile device to scan the QR code presented in the UI. There is also a six digit code prompt.




After the first successful attempt of 2-Factor Authorization QR code will be hidden.

Go to your mobile phone and launch the Google Authenticator App.
In the App, you may need to click the “+” sign to use the “Scan Barcode” feature.

277 277

Quickly type the six digit code into your Encoding.com UI to enable the 2-Factor Authentication. If you wait too long, the timer will count down and the code will change. Just type in the new code if needed.
2-Factor Authentication is now active.

You will then be presented a sec of “recovery” codes that you can use to log into your Encoding.com User Interface if your phone and Google Authenticator App is not available. It is a good idea to save these codes somewhere where you can use them if needed later.


After you save them, click “Confirm and Close”.