Enabling and Using SSO(Single Sign On) with OKTA

Encoding.com is pleased to offer the ability to enable SSO by the “Admin” user of your Encoding.com account. This feature can be enabled by the Admin for your account in the Encoding.com User Interface.

First, a bit of an explanation of what SSO means as it pertains to working with Encoding.com.

You are a busy encoder admin and it can be quite cumbersome for your team’s daily work routine to manage another set of usernames and passwords to utilize Encoding.com’s API or UI. Fortunately, Encoding.com is pleased to offer SSO with the help of an excellent provider like OKTA via a SAML issuer method. You, as admin, will need to create an OKTA account so that you can implement SSO across many different pre-registered applications or create your own. Then with one set of credentials for your Active Directory or Email client, your users can be automatically logged into many different applications that your company uses on a daily basis without having to keep many different logins around that can be forgotten or lost.