September 20 Qualify Release

QC Engine Version: 2023.9.1

New Features

  • Ability to process Dolby Atmos files
  • C608/C708 Service Count Test
  • Video Essence Duration Test
  • Audio Essence Duration Test
  • Repeated Tile Dropout Test
  • Speckle Digital Dropout Test
  • Luma Digital Dropout Test
  • Chroma Digital Dropout Test
  • Ability to test for Number of Tracks within a file specified in container metadata. (Aurora Parity)
  • Transport Stream Bitrate Test (Aurora Parity)
  • Netflix Photon IMF Test
  • IMF Conformance Test


  • Drop/non-drop frame test now separate from “Start Timecode” test.
  • Dual Mono Test: ability to now check if entire file is Dual Mono and be alerted if not.
  • Enhanced PDF reporting structure.

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED: Black Frame test and Single Color Frame Test reporting back same error when 100% black is detected.
  • FIXED: Video Essence and Container Start Timecode Tests returning “not MPEG-2” error.
  • FIXED: Incorrect cadence alerts when processing some files.