November 02 2023 Qualify Release

QC Engine Version: 2023.10.1

New Features In This Release

  • Dolby Vision Validation
    o Ported existing test from Vidchecker to Qualify

  • QC test for TIFF image files

  • Sony Raw to video codec test

Fixed In This Release

  • FIXED: Qualify Video Segment test not detecting for 10bit video source (MOV).

  • FIXED: Slow job progress
    o Determined to be an issue with Media Offline test, addressed appropriately to speed up processing time.

  • FIXED: Qualify Video Segment test not reporting back properly

  • FIXED: Template configured for 2023.7.2 auto upgraded 2023.9.1 but retries and reverts to 2023.5.1

  • FIXED: PCM type expected is Frame (BWF) but “-“ was detected

  • FIXED: Compare Stream Lengths test not triggered in Qualify, works in Aurora